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Blogging 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Your Own Blog

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How to create blogs as a digital marketing freelancer? You might have heard a lot about blogging in digital marketing or from a digital marketing freelancer. The fact that you’ve opened this blog means that you want to know or are curious about how it works for your business. In a very simple term blogging means to write and publish content on the internet through a DEDICATED WEBSITE. As a business owner or a digital marketer, blogging is the best way to start or boost your and help you reach your targeted audience. Through blogging, you can share your experience, expertise, build trust, gain visibility, have a regular audience and much more. You can blog about your journey, trends, what you do, or literally any topic of your/reader’s interest. The key is to write in a very enthusiastic and authentic manner. 

What are the benefits of blogging?

  1. Build credibility and authority of a business: by writing about the topics related to your business, you build a perception in a reader’s mind that you are a trustworthy expert in your field.
  2. Improves search engine optimizations (SEO) : blogging is the best source for on page SEO. You can put as many keywords as you want to help get you ranked on google.
  3. Increases brand awareness: Blogging helps you reach the audience and explain yourself in a great depth which no other platforms provide.
  4. Provides an opportunity to promote your social media: by mentioning your socials in  your blog you can invite your audience to your social media too.

Types of blogs: Personal, Business, Niche 

As a digital marketing freelancer in Surat, India, I personally believe that one of the most useful tools a digital marketer has is blogs. They come in all sizes and shapes. Choose what suits the best for your business/client. Blogs come in different manner as to create a difference between different industries like fashion and infographics. 

  • Personal blogs

These are the classic blogs where you share your thoughts, povs and experiences.They are great for building your brand and connecting with readers. These blogs aren’t exactly for sale attractions rather for visibility and lead generations. 

  • Business blogs

These blogs focus mainly on the topics that are relevant to your business. These help you to give a chance to establish authority, share helpful advice and subtly promote your business offerings. They aim to build trust and credibility to convert your readers into customers. Consistent post regarding common questions, how-tos trends and new are a great start. 

  • Niche blogs

If your business has a particular niche, then a niche blog is your go to type. This blog is mainly targeted to a single topic and specific content. (for example: visit my blog on digital marketing). Aim to become a reliable resource for your audience in your niche. These blogs have the most loyal audience as all the blogs are somewhat connected to them.

In the end the type of blog you choose is 100% up to you and no matter which direction you choose blogging is one of the best ways to start and boost your visibility. Keep reading this blog to know and learn how you can start blogging and get some tips and tricks too.

How to create blogs as a digital marketing freelancer?

blogging tools and websites to start blogging as a digital marketer

The basic steps to get started:

blogging sites for digital marketing freelancer
  • Choose a blogging platform

The first thing you’ll need to do is to start a blogging platform on which you’ll host your blogs. The three most popular hosts are:

  1. WordPress: It’s Free, open source and easy to use. This platform powers more than 30% of the internet. You can use or for free hosting.
  2. Medium: It is a popular hosting website.It offers free hosting to upload your content on. But you don’t own your own content in this.
  3. Blogger : This service is powered by google itself and it’s free like the others. As in when this is used you can change your content/domain.

As a beginner i’d suggest you to go for the first two domains as it is free and you can change the domain. You can always outgrow these and expand onto new and better hostings!

  • Choose a domain name

If you want to appeal or win the trust of your audience you should have a short, memorable and relatable name for your business hosting. You can buy domain names from websites like GoDaddy, Namecheap or even google domain for a very low rate.

  • Design your blog

You should have a particular template to use for all of your blogs so that all your blogs look alike. Doing this makes your blogs look more professional and organised. Most of the  blogging platforms have many free templates to choose from. Although I suggest you design it by yourself so that it’s authentic and unique.

  • Create content

The main and the fun part! Try to publish blogs constantly (minimum once a week). Prefer writing on the topics that will get the readers interested. Promote your blogs on different social media platforms. Keep optimizing your blogs based on feedback.

blogging SEO tips and tricks as a digital marketer

How to optimize your blog for SEO?

One of the best ways to optimise your blogs for a platform like google is by focusing on search engine optimization (SEO). 

  • Use keywords 

Use important keywords everywhere in your blogs like content, URLs, Alt tags, meta descriptions and post titles. Make sure that the keywords are related to your content and appear natural in your writing. Make sure to not over-optimize as it can hurt your ranking.

  • Internal linking

Link to other relevant and important information about your blog in your blog. This will help lead more traffic to your different blogs and websites. Use more keyword rich anchor text to gain ranking. 

  • Meta description

Meta description is a short summary that appears under the title in search history. Use appropriate keywords in the description to encourage clicks. It allows you to further optimize your page.

  • Images 

Use high quality images (keeping in mind the page speed of your site). Use keyword rich alt text and image names. The search engine analysis these key-terms.

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 Towards the end

How to create blogs as a digital marketing freelancer? Now you know what blogging is all about! For any further guidance you can visit my website . Otherwise you can go on my social media platforms. Don’t be intimidated by all the hard work that it seems to be, you’ll get a hang of it after a few tries! Now what are you waiting for? Take this blog as your sign to start that blog that you’ve been unsure about and spread your word to the world. The possibilities are endless. Don’t you think twice anymore! Take your business to another level and heights.

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